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The CheckPoint Range of Services

Precise calibrations of camera systems, radar and LiDAR systems for front, rear and all-round vision monitoring - also on the latest vehicle models. Exact documentation of this work is self-evident.

Release of components e.g. for headlights and attachment parts such as trailer hitch, installation of new or additional software respectively, service resets, etc.

Headlight tests and basic settings on the most common makes and the latest vehicle models Exact documentation of this work according to the MOT test headlight regulations is self-evident.

Reliable and detailed system diagnostics for all relevant vehicle systems also on the latest vehicles with security locks and Ethernet ECU communication.

High-end Services

from workshops for workshops

No one can do everything - at least not on all vehicles makes and the latest models.
Do you sometimes miss vehicle-specific data, access data or technical equipment for your daily work? Then a nearby CheckPoint is THE solution!
As a specialist for special challenges the German CheckPoint partner participated in a particular training and the most modern equipment - supported by the Hella Gutmann Solutions professional team.

Our Scope of Services

Camera and Sensor Calibration

You want to make sure that your regional CheckPoint is able to calibrate the customer vehicle for you?

Here you will find the latest Vehicle Coverage.

Moreover, every CheckPoint partner is able to calibrate brand-new vehicle models. Just contact your CheckPoint partner in case of any questions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, also called ADAS, are today major benefits in diving safety and comfort. At the same time, however, they are a new challenge with which workshops are confronted because the share of ADAS installed in vehicles is continuously rising. Sooner or later you will be confronted with this trend, too.

No matter if lane keeping assist, automatic distance regulation (ACC) or high beam assist: All systems installed a in vehicle have to work properly, because the driver banks on them. The manufacturer-compliant calibration and hence the system operation is absolutely fundamental. Today however, not every workshop has the technical means - no matter if it affects model-specific data or the equipment and tools. CheckPoint closes this gap.

The following hightech sensors and systems can be calibrated:

  • Front camera systems
  • LiDAR sensor (laser scanner)
  • Front radar systems (77 GHz)
  • 360° all-round vision cameras
  • Rearview camera
  • Mid-range radar systems (24 GHz)

Our Scope of Services

Component Release and

Installation of new Software

Modular vehicle concepts lead to the situation that vehicles are equipped ex works with many functions regardless of the customer's configuration. Examples for that are comfort functions or the trailer hitch. Later the customer can select who shall do a subsequent activation, either the contractual workshop of the manufacturer or you. Your CheckPoint partner has the necessary systems, to do these activations on your customer vehicle.

The same applies for the release and or coding of certain components, which you have replaced in the course of the repair work. CheckPoint partners have cross-brand authorizations and the option of a remote connection to Hella Gutmann to do the following digital services for you also on the latest vehicles:

  • Component release
  • Headlight coding
  • Service reset (incl. secured vehicles, e.g. Security Gateway FCA)
  • Storage of service report in the multimedia system of BMW
  • DEF warning reset
  • Key remote control coding
  • Trailer hitch coding (OE and aftermarket)
  • Cruise control coding
  • Coding the transmission ECU upon replacement
  • Coding of steering
  • Reading and deleting trouble codes (on the latest vehicles)

Scope of Services
Component Release and Software

The scope of services in the field of component releases and software varies depending on the vehicle.You will get an overview of of possible services after entering the vehicle manufacturer and the model.
However, the exception proves the rule: Should you require a service which is not listed, please ask your regional CheckPoint partner nevertheless.

Our Scope of Services

Headlight Check 

and Adjustment


Headlight adjustment on modern vehicles is getting more and more important due to the new very light-intensive headlights, intelligent light functions and comprehensive system networks. If the vehicle is e.g. equipped with the LED matrix technology and intelligent high beam, the headlight adjustment isbecoming a real challenge for many workshops. If e.g. the headlight type is identified, which LED is the master, how to interpret the light/dark boundary or if the vehicle model is not yet included in the diagnostic device and the basic setting is hence not possible.

The frequency of necessary headlight adjustments which are linked to advanced driver assistance systems is rising at the same time. As several systems use the data sets of installed cameras and sensors, the adjustment of headlights is increasingly necessary even after windshield replacement or after ADAS calibrations.  
You can have adjusted the following headlight types by your CheckPoint partner:

  • Halogen headlights
  • Xenon headlights
  • LED headlights or LED-Matrix headlights
  • Laser headlights
  • Light systems with high beam assist

Our Scope of Services

Check of Electronic System and

System Diagnostics

Sometimes troubleshooting can be quite tricky. But what is to be done if the cause of a fault cannot be identified when viewing system parameters and not when doing a targeted actuator test? A conventional electric measurement may provide the necessary facts before replacing an ECU or another expensive component. CheckPoint credits its name thanks to the comprehensive electronics check, which comprises measurement of current and resistance, voltage measurement of up to 60 Volt and the related interpretation of a specialist.

Informative electronic checks and system diagnoses can also be done on vehicles with multi-voltage and high-voltage electrical systems. Just ask your CheckPoint partner for further services on high-voltage systems.


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